Who are we?

Templar Presse Productions 

In this completely restored 17th century mansion, Templar will present its exceptional collections. 
L'Espace Hôtel de Lagoy aims to be one of Provence's cultural jewels where elegance and spirit meet, where emotion and intimacy mingle.

A unique encounter with the personalities of our History: Jesus of Nazareth, Pablo Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Salvador Dali, Sir Winston Churchill, ...

During your visit, in an air-conditioned space of 450 m2, respect for your comfort and serenity is one of our main priorities. Visits are limited to 90 people per time slot. The compulsory pre-booking allows you to take advantage of our priorities: serenity, calm, luxury and comfort during your visit.
The 80 m2 Ecrin boutique will offer you a range of high quality products: prints, catalogues, perfumes, tableware, .... This shop is yours, we will be at your service.
Evening events will be offered so that you can continue your evening in Saint-Rémy de Provence: an unforgettable journey through our collections. 
You can go further by privatizing these exhibitions and the 400 m2 outdoor courtyard for your family or professional event. 
Welcome to the Espace Hôtel de Lagoy and the Boutique Ecrin. 
Templar Productions Editions. 
Templar Press

Espace Hôtel de Lagoy in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence



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