Marilyn Monroe


From 1 April to 2 July 2023

Norma Jeane Baker and Marilyn Monroe disappeared on the night of 5 August 1962. Indistinguishable in death, they were the product of a childhood spent in foster homes and orphanages. Unaware of their father's identity. Powerless spectators of their mother's mental deterioration.

The first one. Norma Jeane wandered between the exceptionally deserted towns of California and the last ghosts of Francis Scott Fitzgerald. For " Jay Gatsby's green light "the one in the Cof the Angels, have been blown away by the Wall Street crash. And if in New York, the Red Cross distributes vegetable soups to the poor as well as the others, in Los Angeles, the sumptuous villas are silent for them.

Out of this nothingness, the charitable soul of Aunt Anna who leads Norma Jeane to the altar for James Dougherty, another survivor. These two kids need each other to survive. America is at war.


Marilyn Monroe

In the aftermath of Franklin D. Roosevelt's death, the unlikely US President Harry Truman tells his impromptu secretariat: " Unfortunate! If you're looking for a friend in Washington, I urge you to get a dog! "The warning of the little man from Missouri is just as valid for Hollywood and its mirages. But Norma Jeane is on the cover of a vulgar magazine and finds herself dining at Jilly's.

The dreaded impresario Johnny Hyde opens the doors to a kingdom. He loves her in silence. Dies on December 18, 1950, giving her the first glimmer of glory. Marilyn Monroe was born at that moment.

On 14 January 1954, she married former baseball star Joe DiMaggio. He promises to protect her but forgets his own demons. Their love lasts only a few months. The divorce was a heartbreaker.

Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, Peter Lawford comfort her. One of them introduces her to the new senator from Massachusetts. John Fitzgerald Kennedy is rich, intelligent, funny, handsome, ambitious and has been married for a year to " Jackie ".

In Palm Springs, Marilyn assures him of her interest in civil rights. She cites the courage of Rosa Parks as an example and of course that of the young pastor Martin Luther King Jr. Kennedy listens to her, smiles and pulls on his Cuban cigar. He is unaware that in 1960 he will be a presidential candidate, that his own destiny is on the march. In the meantime, here they are, both under the azure sky of California, evoking the steps of Liberty. He discovers that she is not stupid, she discovers that his commitment to politics is sincere.   

Her agent Paula Strasberg keeps her afloat, ensuring her life among the bestiality of Hollywood.

In 1956, the author of Death of a Travelling ClerkArthur Miller is interested in her. Like the other characters in his novels. He underlines the main characters of her personality, minimises those that would make her " unforgettable ". He offered himself a whim, " The world is an oyster, but you don't open an oyster gently ".

Marilyn carries the fantasy of millions of men, white, black, fat, tall, skinny, short, handsome, toothless, smart, racy, disgusting and hers.

In London, leafing through the diary of her manShe is faced with deception. Cowardly words. Even more so than Joe DiMaggio's behaviour. She cries. Regrets, " I should never have married him ".

Six days before JFK's presidential inauguration, she bids farewell to the playwright.

 Away from the Washington and Hollywood pack, Marilyn finds refuge in Shakespeare, " I will produce the Shakespeare-Marilyn Monroe Film Festival!...I will never have to worry about scripts again. The greatest screenwriter who ever lived will work for me...I'll start playing Juliet...I'll do a fourteen year old Juliet, an innocent virgin but whose budding femininity is fantastically sexy!"

Finally, on May 19, 1962, at Madison Square Garden, she showed herself almost naked in front of influential members of the Democratic Party. They had paid $1,000 to attend the gala of the 45e President's birthday.

Sitting in the front row, John F. Kennedy stood up, joined her on stage, " I can now leave politics after such a tribute! "In the hall, the thousand guests are screaming. Excited. In this deafening din, she whispers three words. He smiles.

A month later, on the set of Something's Got To Give, she swims naked. This time for her audience. Those who witness this moment are unable to choose the adjective that best describes it. Magical. Tragic. Epic.

Marilyn Monroe

In the early hours of 5 August 1962, we the discovered lifeless. The LAPD, the FBI, journalists and the rest of the world are searching for the truth: Who killed Marilyn Monroe ? None of them dare: Who killed Norma Jeane?

From Hyannis Port, John F. Kennedy savours eggs with bacon. From the kitchen transistor, he hears the emotional voice of the morning's top news commentator. The phone rings. He does not answer and leaves the call to George Thomas. He gets up. He gets up. He goes to the shore. From their bedroom window, Jackie watches him. He seems to raise a hand towards the azure sky. To shield his eyes from the already blinding light of Cape Cod. One of the maids breaks the moment, " Mrs Kennedy, did you hear that? It's terrible! "She nods, lights the first cigarette of the day.

Upon hearing the news, Joe DiMaggio remembers every word they exchanged the day before over the phone. Tears stream down his face.

And hundreds of thousands of miles from the Pacific Ocean, from the tomb of the ancient Saxon monastery of Stratford-Upon-Avon, near those of Anne and Susanna Hall, the stained glass windows and the stones perceive a voice. A brief answer to the torments of mortals: " It is the common rule that everything that lives must die, carried off by nature into eternity ".

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